JOY   JOYsofGLASS Stained Glass     19 January 2018 

I love stained glass and this probably because the house I was born in had a stained glass door depicting a blue bird. That lovely glass is still there, quite a lot of years later !  I was also subjected for many years to the wondrous view of a superb stained glass window above the altar of the church where I sang in the choir from the age of 9. Nowadays as we visit the famous cathedrals across Europe my husband, Bob, reads the history and I just gaze in wonder at the fantastic stained glass windows. You can probably find some of my stained glass window photos on my family tree website linked below. Though I have made a couple of leaded glass windows I prefer to use the more delicate Tiffany, copper-foiled technique for my glass making.
I used to 'make' computer programs for a living.
Now I make stained glass for a most engrossing and addictive hobby.

Family Tree Website

 also includes lots of my photos especially of our travels in a Motorhome (but needs updating)