GALLERY JOYsofGLASS Stained Glass 19 January 2018

The links below will take you to the appropriate section of my catalogue / picture gallery .
This is set up on my JOYsofGLASS Facebook page. (Please "Like" Joysofglass if you do).
(You can see them without being on Facebook yourself ).
Not everythimg is available for salein my shops onFOLKSY or ETSY
at any one time but if you see something you would like here and cannot find for sale then please get in touch and I can make one for you including making to your particular colour preference.
I have added a new 'box" at the foot of the page which links to a slideshow of photos of some of my glass.

Suncatchers 8.00

a collection of some of my 8.00 suncatchers

a collection of some of my 9.00 suncatchers

Fused Glass Examples

Collection of fused glass examples

Collection of 10.50 suncatchers

Suncatchers 11.50

Collection of 11.50 suncatchers

Suncatchers 13.00 a collection of some of my 13.00 suncatchers

Special Suncatchers 14.00-50.00

Collection of 14.00-50.00 Special Suncatchers and Stained Glass Pictures

One-off Pieces - Not for sale

Special one-off Gallery on my JOYSOFGLASS Facebook page

Strings / Mobiles 20.00 Collection of 20.00 suncatcher strings / mobiles
Xmas Decorations 5.00

Collection of 5.00 Stained Glass Xmas Decorations

Mini Suncatchers
Collection of 5.00 Mini Stained Glass Suncatchers "Other" / "Miscellaneous 3.00-5.00 Other / miscellaneous small items Gallery on my JOYSOFGLASS Facebook page

My stained glass gallery above above contains lots of pictures of my glass.
Many of the items on display are available for sale and you can buy them via my shop on
or by contacting me directly if you prefer. I am always very happy to make items in different colour combinations and can also personalise some of the suncatchers by adding names using little letter beads.
I am happy to make to order so if there is something you would like but you don't see it in my gallery then please
contact me and we can discuss your ideas / requirements.

My light box display for shows